How is Rummy played?

The Easy and Simple Way to Kickstart your Rummy Game

The game of Rummy has taken whole of India by storm having hit online. There is no looking back since. The registrations keep multiplying every day and close to 5 million people have already enrolled themselves in RummyCircle – the most popular and trusted online Rummy promoter as on date. If you are one of those Rummy aspirants, wishing to enter the world of online Rummy, it is important that you are acquainted with certain basic rules of Rummy. No doubt that there is no dearth of coaching tutorials in RummyCircle but still it is always advisable to carry certain basic ideas about the game before having yourself registered over there. The following are some of the basic rules of Rummy that everyone should know.

Objective of the game:

The objective of the game is to form at least two sequences one of which should be a pure one and the remaining cards will be used to form valid sequences / sets.

No of players and packs:

This game is played with two to six players and two or more packs of 53 cards, each having a printed joker.

Lead up to the game:

This game of Rummy is played for a target score or a fixed number of deals, both decided at the beginning of the game. Each of the players is dealt with 13 cards and the first card of the pack is kept in the open deck and the rest of the cards are kept face down in the closed deck. A random card is selected as a wild card to play the role of a joker.

How is Rummy played?

Having arranged the cards, each player, on turn, picks up a card from either open deck or a closed deck and discards a card in the open deck.

1.       At least two sequences need to be formed to name a valid declaration, one of which should be a pure one.

a.                   A pure sequence is grouping of consecutive cards of the same suit without the usage of a wild joker or a printed joker.

Example: 3♠ 4♠ 5♠ 6♠ or A♣ K♣ Q♣ J♣

b.       An impure sequence is a sequence formed with a wild joker or a printed joker.

Example: If K♦ is the wild joker, then

                  5♥ K ♦ 7♥ or A♠ K♦ Q♠

                 If a printed joker is used,

                                5♥ PJ 7♥ or A♠ PJ Q♠

2.                   Having formed two sequences as above, balance cards can be used to form valid sequences / sets wherein a set is a grouping of cards of the same value with different suits.

              Example: 3♠ 3♥ 3♣ or A ♠ A ♣ A♥

3.                   Finally, the Rummy needs to be submitted for validation, the process of which is called as declaration.

4.                   The declaration is done by pressing the declare button after having placed the sequences and sets, each one in different slots provided.

5.                   The person who declares the game first is said to have won the game.

6.                   An invalid declaration by an individual will result in another player getting declared as the winner.

Point system:

1.       The winner of the game gets zero points whereas the points of the losing players are calculated based on the value of cards that they hold.

2.       While all the high value cards like A, K, Q, J carry 10 points each, the other cards carry the same point as their respective face values.

3.       A joker card is given nil points.

The aforesaid rules are the basis ones for any online Rummy game. However, you can learn how to play rummy game and use the rules to your advantage only when you register and go through all the tutorials in the RummyCircle which will make you an expert in this game of skill.