Practical Ways to Improve Your Rummy Game Everyday

Rummy is a fun game and with big tournaments and events lined up for the festivals, we all want to get a little better with our rummy skills. But how do you really improve your game that makes a difference. Let’s take a look at these practical ways to improve your rummy skills and get closer to winning your next big rummy tournament.

Know your position

One of the most important things to remember is that your cards state your position at the very beginning of the game. Sometimes, you start off the game with good cards and other times you have cards that you don’t really like. As you decide whether to continue the game or drop out, you should really be able to understand what’s your position. In a situation where you don’t even have one Joker card to begin with, you should drop out of the position. At other times, you can see how you can turn the game around and see whether you can win it or are closer towards losing the game.

Observe the moves of other players

It’s easy to get caught up in your own cards and not focus on what cards your opponents are picking or discarding. This can cost you in a game. The important thing to do is observe the moves of other players and try to understand their moves. This will help you close your cards more effectively and understand what sets and sequences they are trying to form.

Don’t be afraid to drop out in the middle

Yes, middle drop will cost you more points but it will save you from a loss at the end. If you see the game moving towards a losing end, it is better to drop out. Don’t think that since you have played till here, you can just about carry on. Rather, just use your best skills and if you still feel it is a bad hand, drop out.

Keep track of the cards played

We look hard at the cards in our hand, but can you remember what cards you discarded? Yes, it is important to remember it, cause your opponent is using just those cards to form his hand. If you remember your discarded cards and see what cards he is picking up, then it becomes quite easy for you to understand where he is going with the game and you can easily cut him out.

Handling the big cards

Even though we know it, we take things quite lightly and hold onto the big cards, thinking that it would help in making those sets and sequences. Instead, those are the cards that you should get rid of at the beginning of the game. They not only add to your point weight but also don’t help much in forming sets and sequences. So, if you have the King, Queen and Jack then say good bye to them right at the beginning. Replace them with Joker and improve your rummy skills.

Understanding rummy rules

There are different variants of rummy and you need to know how to play rummy variants properly. Getting confused with the rummy rules, will not help you in any way. Even if the games look the same, the rules are different. So, read it up, practice a few games and get set for the big rummy tournaments.